Mike Driscoll: A new Python Kickstarter Project: Advanced Web Development, featuring Django 1.6

13 Dec

Last night I received an email about a new Python-related Kickstarter. The Real Python crew added a new author to write a book entirely about Django 1.6. This is a subject that I keep meaning to get into and haven’t had the opportunity to do so. Hopefully by backing this project, I’ll finally learn Django.

I have been impressed with the quality of their previous projects, so I feel that I can safely endorse these authors. I’m sure the project will be of high quality and well worth your time and money. Plus it’s fun to support these guys who want to share their knowledge. If you’re interested in supporting the project you can go to the following address:


Note: They are already fully funded at this point and some of the support levels are already full, so if you want to get in early, now is the time!

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